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About: Hi there :)

Thank you for looking at my profile.Im Thorsten, a prepper and bushcrafter in the south of England in a little place called Brighton.

I am a member of UK Preppers and the Prepared 2 Survive UK Network as well as an avid amateur radio operator, enjoy driving my landrover and taking my german sheepdog for walks.Apart from that, I enjoy many outdoor pursuits, fishing, camping,reading,music and good food to mention a few. I am ex military and am currently working in the security industry whilst learning new skills, setting up my prepping plan etc

I have been into this lifetstyle for many years now, before it was fashionable hehe ;) and consider myself very well trained and stocked up, nuff said. I have gained many useful skills for example ex combat medic, currently trained in mira,fpos, counter terror,civil defense,emergency first responder and many more.

In my spare time, I volunteer for my local search & rescue unit and also have gained many other skills to be ready for anything.

I am happy to speak to anyone likeminded and on the same page even better if you are from the UK :) dont worry, im friendly, genuine and with a good sense of humour so come and say hello x
Hometown: Brighton - England East Sussex
Gender: male
Sign: Gemini
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