Preppers and Survivalists: Who Are They and What Do They Believe?

Author: Mike Kuykendall      Date: 2012-03-21

Keywords: prepper,survivalist,survivalism,disaster,shtf,preparedness,teotwawki,economic collapse

To many people, the word "Prepper" brings up notions of a camouflage wearing, gun-toting scary survivalist who is waiting for the end of the world. However, most Preppers are very ordinary people who don't stand out in a crowd. They are doctors and plumbers and lawyers and carpenters and school teachers. Most of them don't even own any camouflage!

So what is a "Prepper?" MORE>>

Disaster Supplies: Basic Survival Supplies For Hard Times

Author: Jezmine Richards      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: emergency supply kits,emergency preparedness supplies,survival kits online,basic survival supplies

Keeping and storing emergency food was previously considered ridiculous and archaic. However at this present time, preparing these things had become prevalent and a common practice of individuals in whatever place since world phenomenon and incidents are gradually increasing wherever you may be.

Even if it's due to climate change, global warming, natural disasters, industrial declination, rage, or similar global devastation occurrences, the result is you ending up with only a few belongings. Aside from that, you could face the worst scenario when you may have to start all over again with nothing due to the destruction of your properties. These things perhaps could convince you to spare a moment to know a few basic safety measures to prepare yourself and your family or these unexpected events that are possible to happen. MORE>>

Survival Weapons - What Are Your Options?

Author: Steve Thibeault      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: survival weapons,survival weapon,improvised survival weapon,improvised survival

For our discussion of survival weapons, we are going to limit it to non-firearms. The reasons for this are two fold. First, once you bring firearms into the mix, they come with a whole set of legalities, complications, and other considerations that don't necessarily apply otherwise. Second, firearms are often expensive, as is the ammunition for them.

A club is likely one of the first weapons our distant ancestors discovered. They worked back then and they still work today. Smaller clubs can be thrown to take down game like squirrels or rabbits with just a little practice. As a self-defense weapon, a club or walking stick can increase your reach as well as inflict serious damage. MORE>>

Shtf Survival Tips for Beginners

Author: Jon Safer      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: shtf survival,shtf survival tips,survival tips,shtf survival worked,world war,fan survival

Shtf survival or this means when the doo doo hits the fan survival. Shtf also means the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). It is a literal meaning of world war, an economic collapse, a natural mega disaster, an invasion of extraterrestrial beings, or an epidemic of brain eating zombies. It is a disaster that will impact on everyone the meaning of the phrase "survival of the fittest." Although these things are too far fetched, many people still believed that it is coming. Sometimes it's just some incidents that happen to you when you are on your own. MORE>>

How Much Food Should a Prepper Have in Their Doomsday Supplies?

Author: Steve McDaniel      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: survival food,doomsday supplies,food bars,survival situation isnt,food supply, doomsday preppers

Prepping for a survival situation isn't an exact science. The reasons for someone to start prepping for an emergency situation range from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods to things like solar flares, volcanic eruption or even pandemic disease situations. So with that said there is not just an exact formula for how much of a food supply you should have in your emergency survival stockpile.

Before you try and come up with an amount first you need to choose what sort of situation you are prepping for. If you are prepping for a situation where you might be without power for a number of days then a 72 hour survival kit would probably be fine. If you think that a solar flare may take out the power grid, or an EMP that did the same thing then you'd probably want to go with at least a 1 month food supply or longer. MORE>>

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