5 Tips in Choosing Survivalist Homes

Author: David M. Kingston      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: survivalist homes,choosing survivalist homes,choosing survivalist

Urban survival is all about being ready when the SHTF. You have make yourself capable of living all by yourself and sustaining yourself no matter what. Everyone needs to have their own shelter where they can retreat to in such a case. Many people are heading to buy survivalist homes in this day just to be prepared. However there are certain aspects that need to be take care of when buying a survivalist home. It is important that you take care of these aspects so that when you retreat there your life is set till some time at least. MORE>>

Defending an Apartment After TEOTWAWKI

Author: Matthew Zornes      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: apartment survival, apartment shtf, urban survival apartment, urban survival doors, urban survival w

My wife and I live in an apartment in a densely populated area. I admit to having some reservations about living here in case of "the end of the world as we know it," but moving just isn't feasible right now. If you're also living in an apartment and you're worried about a major disaster, you've probably had similar concerns. The good news is, there are some steps we can take to defend ourselves in case looters and hungry scavengers come knocking.

Doors. You're going to want some sturdy doors, ideally metal fire doors. If your apartment manager allows it, I would consider replacing your current doors with them. Otherwise, get some long wood screws and reinforce your door frames. You should also get several 2x4's and cut them to span the width of your door. Then if things are getting ugly and you're ready to bug in, you can drill them into place, at least one a couple feet above and one a couple feet below the doorknob. MORE>>


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