Top 5 TEOTWAWKI/ Survival Movies To Watch Before SHTF

Author: Paul Revered      Date: 2012-05-10

Keywords: Teotwawki, Shtf, Survivalist, movies, bug out bag,

Hollywood and the movies that come out of it can tend to be a bit sensational, particularly when it comes to scenarios like survival. However, while most movies should be taken with a grain of salt, they still act as a source of inspiration, escape and of course entertainment. And while there are many more survival movies that should be noted, here are Teotwawki Connect’s favorite survival movies that demonstrate a good range of possible survival situations. On with the show! MORE>>

The Only Teotwawki Tool You Need For When The SHTF!

Author: Matt Williams      Date: 2012-04-24

Keywords: Teotwawki, Shtf, bug out, tools, supplies, plan, disaster preparedness, survive, survivalist

There are many tools that can come in handy in a survival or SHTF situation. In fact most people who prepare for Teotwawki will have an entire bag packed, stuffed full of gadgets in wait to bug out. And while tools like fire starters and water purifiers will come in handy, at some point all your nifty tools will break down. In fact when all of your tools end up breaking down, there will be one tool that remains intact. That tool is your human ingenuity. MORE>>

American Teotwawki

Author: Pat Fisher      Date: 2012-03-21

Keywords: american teotwawki,teotwawki

Not too long ago, only a limited number of people knew what American teotwawki meant. Today however, with economic instability and soaring prices combined with unpredictably severe weather "the end of the world as we know it," or "teotwawki", has taken on a new meaning.

Economic MORE>>

Shtf Survival Tips for Beginners

Author: Jon Safer      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: shtf survival,shtf survival tips,survival tips,shtf survival worked,world war,fan survival

Shtf survival or this means when the doo doo hits the fan survival. Shtf also means the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). It is a literal meaning of world war, an economic collapse, a natural mega disaster, an invasion of extraterrestrial beings, or an epidemic of brain eating zombies. It is a disaster that will impact on everyone the meaning of the phrase "survival of the fittest." Although these things are too far fetched, many people still believed that it is coming. Sometimes it's just some incidents that happen to you when you are on your own. MORE>>

Getting in Shape for TEOTWAWKI

Author: Matthew Zornes      Date: 2012-03-15

Keywords: shtf fitness, teotwawki fitness, shtf diet, teotwawki diet, shtf cardio, teotwawki cardio

Health and fitness is not something most people consider when preparing for "the end of the world as we know it." But they should. People tend to take for granted just how easy we have it. Up until the last century, most people throughout history worked from sunup to sundown in fields and gardens just so they could get enough food to do it again the next day. Nowadays, except for those living in third world countries, food isn't much of a concern for most people. In fact, most people are more worried about eating too much food! As a result, modern man has become soft, weak and very dependent on the system. If teotwawki arrives, many people won't even have the endurance necessary to keep themselves alive. MORE>>

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