Survival Weapons - What Are Your Options?

Author: Steve Thibeault       Date: 2012-03-15

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For our discussion of survival weapons, we are going to limit it to non-firearms. The reasons for this are two fold. First, once you bring firearms into the mix, they come with a whole set of legalities, complications, and other considerations that don't necessarily apply otherwise. Second, firearms are often expensive, as is the ammunition for them.

A club is likely one of the first weapons our distant ancestors discovered. They worked back then and they still work today. Smaller clubs can be thrown to take down game like squirrels or rabbits with just a little practice. As a self-defense weapon, a club or walking stick can increase your reach as well as inflict serious damage.

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A spear is one step up from the club. Sharpen the end of a straight stick about five feet in length. Harden this point in a fire. It doesn't take much practice to get fairly accurate with throwing a spear. I don't suggest lashing a knife to the end of the stick as then you stand to possibly lose the knife if something goes wrong, such as a missed throw or if the target runs off with the spear.

If you have cordage available to you, cut off three lengths, each about three feet long. Take one end of each length and tie them all together so you have a large knot on one end and three loose ends at the other. On each loose end, attach a rock a little bigger than a golf ball. Hold it by the large knot and spin it around your head a few times, then throw it forward. It will ensnare game and humans alike.

Slings and slingshots can be deadly once proficiency is achieved through practice. Found ammunition such as rocks should be as smooth and round as possible to ensure a straight flight.

A commercially made blowgun can also be useful for hunting. For self-defense, perhaps not so much given the time it would take to insert the dart, aim, and fire.

A solid rap across the kneecap with an expandable baton will usually take the wind out of an attacker's sails.

OC (pepper) spray is a great non-lethal alternative for defense against both four legged and two legged threats.

Moving more into strictly self-defense, stun guns are a great option if they are legal to carry in your state. They come in a wide range of configurations, from large, nasty looking batons all the way down to ones concealed as lipstick tubes.

A simple and easy to use improvised survival weapon is to carry a large carabiner in your pocket. It should be big enough to fit around your fingers. Use it like brass knuckles.

A knife should not be relied upon as a primary survival weapon. It can take years of practice before proficiency is achieved. If you're up against anything in the wild much larger than a raccoon, the blade will need to be fairly long to get through the fatty layers under the skin and hit anything vital. Failure to do that just enrages the animal further.

Regardless of which survival weapons you choose to carry, be sure to take the time to practice with it before it is needed.

At, we know preparing yourself is more than just having supplies. You also need to protect yourself. That's why we've added an array of Survival Weapons to choose from and add to your preparedness plan.

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