What Survivalists Need to Know About Water To Survive TEOTWAWKI

Author: Paul Revered      Date: 2013-09-20

Keywords: TEOTWAWKI, Water, H2O, Bugout Bag, SHTF, survivalist, survival

Survivalist and nature enthusiasts alike know that the most important item you can have in an emergency survival situation is water. However, what are the damaging effects that dehydration can cause?

And more importantly, how does water help humans survive, how much water do you need and what other factors besides water effect hydration? MORE>>

What Is Your Must Have Bug Out Item?

Author: Teotwawki Connect      Date: 2012-05-10

Keywords: Bug Out Bag, MRE, Shtf, teotwawki, Survivalist

When packing a bug out bag there are always several key items to pack such as food, water and tools. However, everyone's bug out bag is as unique as that individual. So what in your bug out bag is a unique item for you? Sign in and join the conversation below! MORE>>

Top 5 TEOTWAWKI/ Survival Movies To Watch Before SHTF

Author: Paul Revered      Date: 2012-05-10

Keywords: Teotwawki, Shtf, Survivalist, movies, bug out bag,

Hollywood and the movies that come out of it can tend to be a bit sensational, particularly when it comes to scenarios like survival. However, while most movies should be taken with a grain of salt, they still act as a source of inspiration, escape and of course entertainment. And while there are many more survival movies that should be noted, here are Teotwawki Connect’s favorite survival movies that demonstrate a good range of possible survival situations. On with the show! MORE>>

The Only Teotwawki Tool You Need For When The SHTF!

Author: Matt Williams      Date: 2012-04-24

Keywords: Teotwawki, Shtf, bug out, tools, supplies, plan, disaster preparedness, survive, survivalist

There are many tools that can come in handy in a survival or SHTF situation. In fact most people who prepare for Teotwawki will have an entire bag packed, stuffed full of gadgets in wait to bug out. And while tools like fire starters and water purifiers will come in handy, at some point all your nifty tools will break down. In fact when all of your tools end up breaking down, there will be one tool that remains intact. That tool is your human ingenuity. MORE>>

Discussion - Are pistol caliber carbines a good choice for bugging out and hunting?

Author: Paul Revered      Date: 2012-04-18

Keywords: Bug Out Bag, weapons, teotwawki, shtf, prepper, survivalist,

Do you think it is worth having a pistol caliber carbine as part of your bug out arsenal and to hunt with?

Join our discussion below by signing into Teotwawki Connet.com through your Facebook page to leave constructive comments. MORE>>


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